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Multitude of uses nail drill bits set – Smoothing, shaping, cleaning and more. Shape your nails to perfection with the nail drill bits.

Suitable for most size 3/32″ nail drill machine. Suitable for nail salon, beauty parlor, spa or personal manicure pedicure, DIY nail art at home.It is fun and happy to apply nails at home with family and friends.

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YAQIN Tungsten Carbide Nail Drill Bit Set - Made of carbide, the hardest material next to diamonds, professional file drill bits are sturdy enough to remove hard gel nail, creating less dust with little friction and heat. Whether you’re a nail technician or love doing your nails at home, this quality nail drill will be one of the most important pieces of kit making up your professional nail supplies.

All the drill bits are smooth and don’t heat up. Protects the skin from being harmed. Easy to clean:The tungsten carbide material will not rust and prevent corrosion. Clean and sterilize drill bits after every procedure. Scrub with a brush and rinse with soapy water.

Product Specification

Type : Nail Drill Bit Set
Material: Carbide, Ceramic, Diamond, Silicone, Quartz, Stone, Fabric, Alumina, Plastic, Fabric
Packing specification: 6pcs per packing, 7pcs per packing, 10pcs per packing, 12pcs per packing, 30pcs per packing, 36pcs per packing, 72pcs per packing
Colors: silver,gold,blue nano,purple,rainbow,black, white, pink, yellow, blue, gray, green, brown, white zebra,
Shank: 3/32" (2.35 mm)
Grit: From fine to coarse: 3XF 2XF XF F(fine) M(medium) C(coarse) XC 2XC 3XC 4XC 5XC
MOQ: 5sets for 72pcs nail drill bit set, 50 sets for other packing specification
Usage: Nail drill,Manicure,Nail Polishing,Nail file,Nail art salon,Pedicure, Nail art salon, Beauty care, Surface Grinding, Polishing, Removing calluses
Customized: OEM/ODM
We are a large professional abrasive factory in China. OEM and ODM One-stop service Customized.


Ball Barrel Top-Safety Bit

Remove nail design placed close to cuticle area without damaging the nail.Perfect for beginners.

Large Barrel Top

Do surface work on the nail easily .Shorten and shape the extra thick and irregular nails.Backfill cutting.Make a smile line.

Brush Bit

Clean the dust on the bits or nails easily.Protect the bits.

Ceramic cone bits

Remove cuticle and extra glues. Used under the nail or sidewalls. Perfect for use on top of the toenails because of its slim size.

Needle bit

Filing away residual cured gel or cuticles in hard to reach areas. under-nails clean, sidewalls, backfills. carving out designs and smile lines.

Diamond Top

3/32 fitment, used for under nail cleaning/product shaping/backfills. To clean around cuticles and protect skin.

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