Private Label Carbide Nail Drill Bit Beauty Nail Art Tool

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Processing gel nails, acrylic nails and natural nails when refilling nail modeling. This milling cutter nail driil bit is particularly suitable for grinding and smoothing on the art of processing gel, acrylic and natural nail.

Professional healthcare industry quality tungsten carbide nail drill bits. BARREL CHAMFERED shape burr can be used but not limited to manicure, pedicure, podiatry, dental business etc etc.

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Highest quality tungsten carbide nail drill bits provides best performance, corrosion and high temperature resistance. Bur is fitted with 3/32"(2.35mm) shank, an industry standard for use in podiatry drills as well portable drills such as Bosch/Dremel (may need a 3/32" collet)

Used for the fast removal of acrylic/Gel design & Gel polish over acrylic. This bit will cut down your Removal time immensely - Making your prep time quicker allowing you to focus on creating new acrylic designs. It's a must have in your kit.

Product Specification

Type : Carbide Nail Drill Bit
Material: Carbide & Stainless
Total Weight: Approx. 6.0g / 0.2oz
Flute Size: Φ 6.60 mm
Diameter of Head: 6mm 6.6mm 4mm
Length of Head: 13mm 13.8mm 14.5mm 15mm
Color of Head: silver,gold,blue nano,purple,rainbow,black
Shank: 3/32" (2.35 mm)
Grit: From fine to coarse: 3XF 2XF XF F(fine) M(medium) C(coarse) XC 2XC 3XC 4XC 5XC
MOQ: 50pcs each
Usage: Nail drill,Manicure,Nail Polishing,Nail file,Nail art salon,Pedicure
Customized: OEM/ODM,
We are a large professional abrasive factory in China. OEM and ODM One-stop service Customized.


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Tags: bits, Brunson, cuticle filing, diamond bits, diamond drill bits, e filling, manicure, nail drill bits, Nail Drill Machine, nail extension remover, nail remover, nails filing, pedicure.

Type : E-file essential Nail Drill Bits

Single BIT : Large Smooth top Fine

Standard shank size 3/32

medical grade stainless steel shank core

Passed the SGS certified

Long product life and high performance

Fully autoclaveable

Head size D6.6x13mm

Carbide Cutter Application Art Nail (nail salon)

1 Editing artificial nails

2 Rapid removal of gel and acrylic

3 Cuticle treatment

4 Smooth surfaces

5 Long life, In the pedicure and manicure, the nail cutter attachment YAQIN is indispensable and is characterized by a long service life.

6 No heat development

7 Very smooth running

Use of natural nail and cornea (pedicure and podiatry)

1 Treatment of mycotic nails

2 Cuticle removal

3 Smooth surfaces

4 Long life

5 No heat development

6 Very smooth running

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