Hot Selling Nylon Nail Brush For Sale

Short Description:

YAQIN high quality nail carbide bit cleaner brush.

Carbide Color: Silver

Brush Color: Pink, red, yellow, white

Shank Size: 3/32”manicure nail drill machine.

Brand: YAQIN Pink Nail Carbide Cleaning Brush Bit

Maintains shape & will not rust,Will not shed bristles under normal conditions

Safer to use, will not puncture skin

Applications: Removing paints, corrosion, weld scale, surface rust & burns from metals.

Product Detail

Product Tags

Prepare plastic, fiberglass, & rubber surfaces for adhesives.

Preparing metal surfaces for primers & paint.

Cleaning unfinished tile, stone, cement, and brick mortar

Removing old paint and finishes from wood. Cleaning & Sanding wood turnings, railings, banisters, trim & molding

This brush bit with electric function will clean the dust of nail carbide bit more efficiency and quickly.This clean brush is especially designed for nail cleaning. It helps to remove dust before and after manicure process.

Helps Clean the Dust on the Nail Carbide Bit and Nails. Protects the Bit After Every Use, Keeps the Bit last Longer.Excellent Durability and High Quality made. Easy to distinguish with a mini size and lightweight body, and portable for every use.

Product Specification

Type: Nail Brush
Material: Nylon, Wool, Yarn, Copper, Stainless Steel
Total Weight : Approx. 2.2g, 2.8g, 5.2g, 3g, 3.2g, 15g (according to different materials)
Shank : 3/32" (2.35 mm)
Brush Diameter : 4.9mm,6.6mm,11.6mm,20mm
Color of Head: Yellow, White, Pink, Blue, Purple, Silver, Gold
Hand : Left Hand, Right Hand
MOQ: 50pcs
Usage : Stainless steel handle, no shedding, clean nail dust and dust polishing head
Customized: OEM/ODM
We are a large professional abrasive factory in China. OEM and ODM One-stop service Customized.

Features & Application

The clean brushes are designed to clean your nails before and after manicure process. It can be used to clean the dirt in the crack of nail drill polish head. High density brush hair, don't shed, more durable. Each one is packed with a transparent box, easy to store. With a mini size body and light weight, it is portable.

It can also be used for cleaning the surface of natural nails, gel nails and acrylic nails. By cleaning up the dust away after every use, your carbide bit will last longer. Keeps your nail healthy is also important as cleaning the carbide bit. Our carbide brush bit is lightweight and portable, very easy to carry and it can be organized with the carbide bit holder. It is also reusable and eye-catching appearance for easy identification.

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