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What’s the diamond nail drill bit?

Diamond nail drill bit vary in size usually in millimetres, with working part sizes ranging from 1mm up to 6mm. The size of the bit is a priority for manicurists, larger sizes give the manicurist more working part to perform the manicure.

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Material: Diamond
Colors: Silver, Rainbow
Grits: From fine to coarse: F(fine) M(medium) C(coarse)
Shank Size: 3/32" (2.35 mm)
Weight: Approx. 6.0g / 0.2oz
Hand Type: Common for left and right hands
Craft Advantage: Polishing smooth, Environmental protection, High quality and antibacterial, Don't hurt the skin
Customized: OEM, ODM
Usage: Beauty care, Surface Grinding, Polishing, Removing calluses
MOQ: 50 pcs

Features of diamond nail drill bit?

Diamond nail drill bit is designed to be used in the hard reach places, and help remove none living tissue of the cuticle area, and help remove the dead tissue of the cuticle area. 

Different shapes of diamond nail drill bit

Diamond nail drill bit has various shapes, the following descriptions will tell you what are the differences and uses between the flame shape and ball shape.

-flame: This shape is one of the most popular among the diamond nail burrs, They are both used to help slightly lift the cuticle from the nail plate and allow for easier cuticle removal and gel polish application. It is used for processing side nail walls, cracks. The length of the working part is 8 mm.

-ball: Ball diamond nail drill bits are also one of the most popular style. This shape of bit is used for cuticle removal after the gel polish has been removed and the cuticle has been slightly lifted from the nail plate.

Our advantages of diamond nail drill bit?

Widely use: Suitable for manicure as well as pedicure, and for professional studio use or home use.

Our bits perform well, they do not heat up, produce less dust, our clients are willing to give us good feedback because the diamond nail drill bit does not rust or produce heat, these give them a different feeling of use.

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