Rainbow Nail Drill Bits Set Diamond

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Professional Nail Drill Bits Set

Include 30pcs rainbow diamond carbide bits. This kit includes almost all the nail drill tools that you may need for nail art. Suitable for professional manicurist or nail art beginners.

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Type : Nail Drill Bit Set
Material: Carbide, Ceramic, Diamond, Silicone, Quartz, Stone, Fabric, Alumina, Plastic, Fabric
Packing specification: 6pcs per packing, 7pcs per packing, 10pcs per packing, 12pcs per packing, 30pcs per packing, 36pcs per packing, 72pcs per packing
Colors: silver,gold,blue nano,purple,rainbow,black, white, pink, yellow, blue, gray, green, brown, white zebra,
Shank: 3/32" (2.35 mm)
Grit: From fine to coarse: 3XF 2XF XF F(fine) M(medium) C(coarse) XC 2XC 3XC 4XC 5XC
MOQ: 5sets for 72pcs nail drill bit set, 50 sets for other packing specification
Usage: Nail drill,Manicure,Nail Polishing,Nail file,Nail art salon,Pedicure, Nail art salon, Beauty care, Surface Grinding, Polishing, Removing calluses
Customized: OEM/ODM
We are a large professional abrasive factory in China. OEM and ODM One-stop service Customized.

30pcs Diamond Carbide Drill Bits

These safety bits for nail drill are slender to a capped point which can help the bits to get into tight spaces of nails. Convenient to use, skin-protective, great for nail filing enhancements and clean the cuticle area, sidewalls. Diamond carbide material is not only rustproof but also could protect from overheating damage with heat resistance.There are coarse grits, medium grit and fine grit. 30 pieces nail drill bits models can adapt to different strengths to accomplish varied professional nail jobs. Such as sharpen, grind, neaten, carve, smoothen, polish, and reshape gel and acrylic nails very quickly and efficiently. 

Scope of Application

30PCS different nail drill bits, universal 3/32" (2.35mm) size stainless steel shank, which fits most electric nail drill machines that use 3/32" bits. Durable for long time use, suitable for nail salon, beauty parlor, spa or personal manicure pedicure, DIY nail art at home.

Easy to Clean

The nail drill bits are corrosion resistant, as well as no clogging for nails. Nail brush bit can easily clean the dust on the bits or nails, protect the bits after each use, keep you and your nails healthy.

Durable diamond material that can stand up to the thickest and toughest of nails without breaking.Easily to remove excess or dead skin and to buff and shape nails. Chang your professional nail art work, you can DIY nail art at home.


Made of high-quality and hard-wearing daimond, with corrosion resistance and durability. Unique design is professional for you to do your nail artwork and protects your skin from damage.

Poatable size easy to carry with you anywhere. Convenient and efficient for you to do your nail artwork, saving your time. These nail drill bits tools can buff and smoothen your nail, grind the shape and remove gel nail or dead skin.

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