Manicure Precise Curved Tip Cuticle Scissor Sharp Stainless Steel Nail Scissor

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Product name :Cuticle Nipper
Item No.:NN-B-G07-1
Material:stainless steel

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Introduction to double spring dead skin clippers, the ultimate tool for professional and home nail care. Designed for precision and comfort, this tool is a must for anyone who wants to get the perfect nail and pedicure.
The extended grip provides a comfortable and effortless cutting experience, allowing you to easily trim and remove dead skin. The smooth and ergonomic handle ensures a secure grip, making it easy to operate and control during use. The black coating not only adds a touch of style, but also provides a non-slip surface for added security.
Made of high-density stainless steel, this cuticle trimmer is durable. The durable and robust construction ensures that it can withstand regular use without losing its sharpness or effectiveness. The surgical grade stainless steel blades are sharp and precise, making it easy to trim even the smallest dead skin with precision.
One of the outstanding features of the double spring dead shears is its unique double spring design. This innovative feature has undergone multiple elasticity tests to ensure durability and reliability. The double-spring mechanism provides just the right amount of tension smoothing and consistent cutting, making it a favorite of professional nail technicians and enthusiasts alike.
Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast or a salon professional, this nail trimmer is the perfect choice for all your nail care needs. Its versatility and performance make it a valuable addition to any beauty routine. Say goodbye to rough and uneven cuticles and hello to smooth and healthy nails with double spring dead clippers.
In summary, the double spring dead skin Cutter is a top nail care tool that combines precision, durability and comfort in a sleek package. With its sharp blade, ergonomic design and twin-spring technology, this cuticle trimmer is sure to be your go-to tool for achieving salon-quality results at home. Upgrade your nail care routine with double spring dead skin clippers and experience the difference firsthand.

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Q1: Can we customize the products’ package?

A1: Yes! OEM&ODM orders available.
Q2: Does the products have the certificate?
A2: Yes, we can offer the CE certificate for you as to your requirements.

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A3: Pls email, call or fax to us and tell us the commodity name and your detailed information
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A4:Good Quality + Factory Price + Quick Response + Reliable Service, all those we are trying best to offer you.

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