Nail Drill Bit Shapes And Uses Explained

Every nail drill bit you decide to use is crucial when performing a Russian e-File manicure. Every nail technician who is performing a dry machine manicure has their preference of nail drill shape and grit. When you choose a high quality product, not only you, but your clients can feel the difference. Today we’ll look at the difference between carbide and diamond and talk about the differences and uses of each.


When starting a dry machine manicure, you can first use a carbide tip to remove the gel polish from the previous manicure. This is obviously different from using acetone to soak the nail polish, which can lead to weakened nails and dry cuticles. We can use shapes including traditional barrel, tapered barrel and other carbide nail tips. In terms of tooth shape, we can choose between single or double cut carbide nail bits to remove nail polish. Single-cut tips have a semi-vertical downward cut to best remove polish in one direction. The double cut carbide has cutouts in both directions for smooth polish removal in both directions. In general, carbide double-cut tapered barrel nail bits are easier to use. The strength of the nail drill bit abrasive determines the speed of polishing during use. Stronger grit will remove polish more quickly. It is important that you do not touch your skin when using carbide nail bit at this point in your manicure, as this nail bit is used to remove cured gel nail polish and can damage your skin. Also, it is important to note that you do not have to remove the base layer of the gel nail polish and can keep it intact for your next manicure. Please know what you are doing or seek professional guidance when using these nail drill bits. Be very careful when using these carbide nail drill bits as they can take away some of the nail pieces.



Diamond nail drill bits are specially designed to treat cuticles. They can be used in conjunction with traditional nail tools such as cuticle nippers and scissors, although of course these diamond nail bits may be the only tools used during the nail application. Some of the most common diamond nail drill bit shapes include.


1.flame nail bits

There are two types of flame nail drill bits. One is a traditional slender and narrow flame nail bit and the other is a flame “drop”. They all have uses, it really comes down to preference. They are both used to help gently lift the cuticle off the nail plate, making it easier to remove cuticles and apply gel polish. The shape of this nail drill is one of the most popular drills among manicurists and is extremely versatile.

 photobank (2)

2.Ball nail bits

Ball nail bits are again one of the most popular nail drill bits. The size of these bits is usually measured in millimeters and the size of the working part varies from 1 mm to 6 mm. The larger sizes give the nail technician more working sections to perform the manicure. This ball nail bit is used to remove cuticles after the gel polish has been removed so that the dead cuticle can lift slightly from the back edge of the nail.

 photobank (1)

3.Cone nail bits

Cone nail bits vary greatly in size and shape. Smaller cones nail bits are shaped like this one, and there are large cones nail bits like this one. These are also preferred by nail technicians. They are ideal for exfoliating cuticles.

 photobank (4)

Grit size is very important in nail tools and is specific to different clients. There are three main options when choosing a grit to work with, namely soft, medium and coarse. It is important to know the client’s skin sensitivity before working on a manicure. As the grit gets harder, it is easier to remove nail polish or cuticles, but if the wrong grit is used or used improperly, the sensitivity of the skin can become uncomfortable.


It is extremely important to clean the nail drill bits properly between nail art jobs. It stops the spread of any disease or bacteria. Therefore, it is an important step that should not be skipped.


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