Is it good to remove dead skin from nails? What are the effects?

## Abstract


In the process of beautifying fingernails, besides trimming nail shape and coloring, removing dead skin from nails is also a common step in nail care. However, there are different views and controversies about the good and bad of removing nail dead skin and its impact on nails. This article will conduct a detailed discussion from a professional perspective through scientific analysis to help readers better understand the pros and cons of removing nail dead skin and its effects.

## 1. The current situation and methods of removing nail dead skin

In nail care, removing nail dead skin is done to keep the fingertips clean and tidy, making the nails smoother and finer. Common methods include using sandpaper sticks, scissors, and nail dead skin remover solutions. However, excessive removal of nail dead skin may damage the nails, making them brittle and prone to breaking, and even causing nail inflammation and other problems.

## 2. The benefits of removing nail dead skin

Correctly removing nail dead skin helps remove old cells on the nail surface, making the fingertips smoother and shinier. It also helps improve the breathability and health of the nails. Removing nail dead skin also helps enhance the absorption of nail repair products, making it easier for the nails to absorb nourishing ingredients, thus maintaining the moisture and health of the fingertips.

## 3. The disadvantages and effects of removing nail dead skin

Excessive removal of nail dead skin can damage the protective layer on the surface of the nails, making them more susceptible to damage. Additionally, removing nail dead skin too frequently or excessively can lead to thin, soft nails, increasing the risk of nail cracks and breakage. At the same time, improper removal methods may also result in nail infections or other nail problems, affecting nail health.


## 4. Scientific Nail Care Methods


To maintain nail health and beauty, proper care methods are crucial. Developing good nail care habits, such as keeping nails clean and dry, regularly trimming and shaping, and appropriately applying nail nourishing polish, can help reduce the occurrence of nail dead skin problems. Additionally, choosing the right cuticle tools and methods when removing nail dead skin, controlling frequency and intensity, can avoid excessive stimulation and damage.

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## 5. Conclusion


In summary, removing nail dead skin is necessary and beneficial in nail care, but proper methods and frequency should be paid attention to. Scientifically and properly removing nail dead skin can make nails smoother and more attractive, facilitating nail nutrient absorption and respiration. However, excessive removal or improper removal methods may cause damage to nails, therefore, proper nail care should be taken with caution, respecting the natural growth rules of nails, and scientifically caring for nails to maintain healthy and beautiful fingertips. Through this discussion, we hope that readers will have a deeper understanding of the pros and cons of removing dead skin from nails, as well as the impact it has. Following scientific care principles, take good care of your fingertips, and keep your nails healthy and beautiful. We hope that this article can provide useful information for nail care enthusiasts and spark more thought and attention towards nail care.

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