Wholesale New Style 2021 Red Nail Brush, Nail Art Cleaner Dust

Short Description:

Type: Nail Brush

Material: Nylon, Wool, Yarn, Copper, Stainless Steel

Total Weight : Approx. 2.2g, 2.8g, 5.2g, 3g, 3.2g, 15g (according to different materials)

Shank : 3/32″ (2.35 mm)

Brush Diameter : 4.9mm,6.6mm,11.6mm,20mm

Color of Head: Yellow, White, Pink, Blue, Purple, Silver, Gold

Hand : Left Hand, Right Hand

MOQ: 50pcs

Usage : Stainless steel handle, no shedding, clean nail dust and dust polishing head

Customized: OEM/ODM

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Product Description

YaQin Nail Brushes are made of nylon, steel, floral wool, black bristle, white wool and horse hair and so on.

YaQin Nail Brushes use to remove dust from drill bits quickly and efficiently. Mini brush can also be used to clean your hands.

Features of YaQin Nail Brushes

· Many different material for you reference. eg:nylon, steel, floral wool, black bristle.

· Fast and more efficient removing dust

· 3/32’’or 1/8’’ shank diameter can fit on your nail drill

· High concentricity

· Excellent cleaning ability

· No clogging

Proper Care

Follow these steps to clean and sanitize your brush:

· Step #1
Clean your brushes to remove dust from the surface by alcohol and warm water.

· Step #2

Dry your brushes completely and store away. 

· Step #3

Please don’t use metal brush to clean your ceramic bit.

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