Top ways for you to save money on manicures

You might enjoy making frequent trips to the nail salon for beautiful manicures. But have you ever looked at how much money it adds up to over time? If you’re looking for some new ways to save money while still having gorgeous nails? Learn some top ways you can save a lot of money on manicures by reading below.


If you’re getting your nails done, consider the layers of polish you’re having added to your nails. If you go with too thick layers, they’ll take longer to dry and are actually easier to chip, making them likely to last a shorter amount of time. For a successful manicure, all you need is two layers. These two thin layers will be harder to chip, giving you your money’s worth since the manicure will last longer.


This method is one many people fail to consider. When you’ve finished getting your manicure at the salon, you could buy some of the same products that the technician used. After a week or two, when your manicure starts to wear, apply a new coat of polish. If you do this weekly, you can make you can space your salon visits out a bit more.


With so many nail salons offering their services, you’re likely to see many varying prices. If you’ve been going to a fancy spa or salon, you’re likely paying twice as much for the same services you could get elsewhere. Simply look around and see if you can find a cheaper salon. Many strip mall salons are more inexpensive and offer just as beautiful results, maybe you can try them.


As someone who enjoys a good manicure, you probably have an appreciation for long colorful nail styles. While these look great, they are more susceptible to chipping. That means they don’t last as long, which will send you back to the salon to spend money for new manicures more frequently. A short, flat tip nail style will last longer and require less frequent visits, saving you money in the long run.


One of the most obvious yet best options for saving money on your nails is to learn how to do your own manicures. This will require an initial investment for the right nail tools and polish products, but it will save you money in the long run. Doing your own nails could save you, on average, around $150 a month.

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Post time: Apr-06-2021