How to Use Nail Machine ?

The nail machine is a professional nail armour product that integrates multiple functions. As long as you have it, you can always maintain beautiful and charming nails (the same function for toenails). The following is about the functional structure of this product:

1. The main body of the manicure device has a two-speed rotation function, as long as you put on the accessories, you can use it at will.

2. Metal grinding head, rough grinding repair type (also has the function of removing dead skin)

3. Sand wheel grinding head, finely grinding the nail skin.

4. The sanding cap quickly and effectively removes dead skin and calluses on the feet.

5. Wool polishing head, smooth nail surface

6. Brush head to clean up nail fragments.

7. The metal nail remover can remove the dirt inside the nail.


How to Use Nail Machine?
1.Choose the polishing head you need, put on the main unit, push the switch (there are two speeds to choose from), and then slowly move the rotating polishing head close to your fingernails or toenails so that you can polish the shape you want.

2.The same operation is polishing and exfoliating.

3.After use, turn off the switch and put it back in place.

4. Please turn off the power when not in use for a long time. Pay attention to keep the accessories clean

5.During the polishing process, use an electric sander to only sand the front edge of the nail. Never sand the nail body of the nail bed to avoid high-temperature burns to the nail bed.


Advantages of Yaqin Sanding Cap


1. High-cost performance, high purity, wear resistance, less yield, good toughness.

2. Soft, suitable for feet. Easy to operate.

3. Non-toxic and environmentally friendly transparent glue.

4. High hardness, good grain shape and compactness.

5. No blockage, optional coarse grain: CMF.

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Post time: Jul-23-2021